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Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 After

Watch The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9

During the four seasons of “The Walking Dead,” Rick had a natural aptitude and willingness to protect his group’s best interests, a motivation deepened by his son, Carl, and wife, Lori. He used his law enforcement background as a deputy to teach them tactical moves and firearm skills to defend themselves more effectively against the walkers. He was not afraid to risk his life for them and did not shy away from making decisions.

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The survivors trusted him. They needed his guidance. They believed wholeheartedly that Rick valued and supported each one of them as his new, extended family.

His leadership in season 3 waned when his wife died, but the group survived because of the courage and confidence he instilled them. Mysterious phone calls and ghostly images of Lorie distracted Rick, while the others were settling into the prison as their new home and defending themselves against the Governor and his thugs in Woodbury. Hershel observed Rick’s discomforting decline and counseled him through his emotionally painful ordeal, in time for Rick to help defend the prison against an unsuccessful attack from the Governor and his people from Woodbury.

Six months later, the group at the prison chose a more democratic style of government, which was intended to allow Rick to step down and step back in season 4. The council, consisting of around six community members, provided order to the community and decided to quarantine the sick, who were dying and becoming walkers. It provided a stability reminiscent of pre-walker days, as the community achieved some normalcy, despite the insatiable walkers prowling the prison.

Despite his efforts to retreat into an agrarian lifestyle, Rick could not escape being a leader — in some capacity. He found himself deciding for the group that Carol must leave the prison, after she became judge, jury and executioner of two people she believed were a threat to the group. Out of respect for his decision, she left. The resurgence of the Governor forced Rick back into his leadership role at the end of the season, when the two titans clashed in their final battle for control of the prison.

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